Artist’s Statement:   

Recently I began to ask myself why I choose to paint this particular subject and this point of view.  I realize that I am drawn to a subject that reveals itself in small–often insignificant or un-noticeable–ways.  I like looking at nature and recording how man’s presence has impacted upon it, and I am fascinated by how nature, in time, takes back to itself constructions made by man.

I delight in finding scenes in the hidden away things, the private moments, fragments of buildings, an ordinary object viewed from an unusual point of view.

I am always attracted to the abstract form in the natural world and, upon close observation, you will notice that my brushstrokes and shapes are often very abstract. In this way I allow the observer an opportunity to interpret each scene in a personal way.

Biographical Information:

I am a painter, print maker, sculptor, and art professor with a degree in Fine Arts, and have been teaching and painting in the Low Country of South Carolina, Toronto, Canada, and parts of India for over 20 years.  I come from a family of artists and became immersed in art from an early age.  This has given me a unique awareness of form and space that is manifest in my work.  I am always seeking to “capture the essence of the moment” as I paint en plein air wherever I travel.  I have studied at the Sorbonne, Paris, and Oxford University, Oxford, UK, and I have taught art at college and university in Toronto and more recently in Beaufort and on Hilton Head, SC, where I teach studio and Zoom classes for the Art League Academy on Hilton Head Island.

My studio is outdoors where I find my subjects on Hilton Head, Daufuskie, and Pinckney Islands, in Savanna, GA, Beaufort, SC, Toronto, Canada, and on my travels.  I have always been attracted to hidden or forgotten places–each one creates a narrative that reveals itself to me in small details–the play of light and shadow, color, an unusual point of view, the time of day.

I am a lifetime member of the American art honorary, Delta Phi Delta, and a founding member of the Multi Media Arts Guild, Kingston, Canada, long time member of Ontario Woodcarvers Association, and active member of the Art League of Hilton Head Island, and the Northview Group of Artists.  I exhibit regularly at the HH Art League Academy and the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn, Hilton Head Island, SC


Email address:

Winter studio, Hilton Head Island, SC:  347-821-1919,

Summer studio, Toronto, Ontario:  416-828-1809